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There are lots and lots of stroller accessories available these days ranging from stroller accessories that keep baby happy (a footmuff, for example) to stroller accessories that keep mommy happy (can you say, “iPhone holder”?) Whether it’s comfy accessories or gadgets & gizmos, what you purchase to accompany your stroller really depends on a few things, especially how often you actually put your baby in a stroller.


Here are some of the stroller accessories that the moms at Baby Cargo recommend you consider:

  • A stroller bag – a little bit different than a diaper bag because it’s made for use with a stroller and without. A stroller bag is especially handy for a mom that tends to take baby out of the stroller and needs a purse to carry her basic necessities like cell, wallet and keys, and, more importantly, all the key items for baby. A good stroller bag should be fashionable and functional. We also recommend a stroller bag that dad wouldn’t feel embarrassed to carry. Baby Cargo’s stroller bag is the only of its kind in stroller accessories that allows 3 uses, shoulder strap, stroller straps and our stroller hooks that make the ensemble much more fashionable and functional.
  • If you are the type of mom that looks at stroller gear not as stroller accessories, but MOMMY accessories, then a mattress liner is a fantastic way to spruce up your stroller in a jiffy, while giving baby extra comfort. Baby Cargo offers reversible liners for its 300 series in fashionable styles, colors and textiles – inspired by the modern home and interior design. You can be sure to find one that fits your personal style.
  • Need your daily tall skinny latte, hold the foam? No problem. Hot beverages keep mom energized, balanced and/or toasty but it can be awkward to push a stroller holding a cup. Not to mention: hot liquids can be dangerous to mom & baby if not secured well. Cup holders on strollers are great stroller accessories because they free up your hands – we suggest the cup holders on Baby Cargo’s 100 and 300 series lightweight umbrella strollers. They’re great because, unlike some other cup holders, they’re deep enough to handle a “venti” on those days you need an extra jolt.



Baby Cargo’s designers, are also parents. We created these stroller accessories to make your life a little easier –extra comfort, a quick change of style, a playful, yet well planned stroller bag. Hopefully making life as a parent a little more simple and a lot more stylish.


About Baby Cargo

Baby Cargo designs the places where babies have their first dreams, first adventures, and favorite meals. As you explore your baby’s world, you will find your travels go a little bit smoother with the right equipment. Our team of experienced designers also happens to be new parents, ourselves. Throughout our careers, we have longed for an opportunity to make things that help make life easier and are affordable. At Baby Cargo, we’ve managed to combine our true loves – design and parenting - into a few really smart places to let our babies rest, play, eat, stroll… live.