Baby Cargo Modern Baby Furniture

The demand for well-designed, modern baby furniture is on the rise. When many couples get married, they spend a lot of time, money and effort into designing their home to reflect their personal style. When they get pregnant, they don’t realize how much their home is going to change when that bundle of joy arrives. That comfy, spacious family room that they once had is now cluttered up with a large playpen that is too much of a hassle to collapse and store when company visits. The kitchen that used to be a Zen hang out spot when the couple had their meals now has a giant clunky highchair that has to be pushed around to get to the spice rack! True modern baby furniture can help bring balance back into the new parents’ home.

The word “modern” does have some connotations: “modern” baby furniture doesn’t just mean, white, slick, cold, minimal style, it also can mean contemporary designed baby gear. Ideally, modern baby furniture should be functional and safe, but also fit seamlessly into the home. Sounds simple enough, right? Parents spend months shopping sites for modern baby furniture and have little success. Many complain that baby gear today is either too expensive or downright ugly.

Enter Baby Cargo! Baby Cargo is a new line of modern baby furniture and gear inspired by iconic architecture, chic fashion and fresh interior design. Baby Cargo offers conscientious parents the most user friendly, premium line of strollers, stroller accessories, play spaces and space saver high chairs to live comfortably and safely and stylishly in the modern home--all at an affordable price. It is the perfect fit for parents who want their baby gear to fit into their existing home and lifestyle.

The global creative team behind the Baby Cargo brand is dedicated to bringing parents fresh and relevant designs that break the traditional mold. Baby Cargo’s safe and modern products let your baby to stroll, rest, eat and play in style. Baby Cargo launched with its line of lightweight umbrella strollers. Look for premium, user-friendly stroller accessories, play spaces and highchairs in 2012 .

About Baby Cargo

Baby Cargo designs the places where babies have their first dreams, first adventures, and favorite meals. As you explore your baby’s world, you will find your travels go a little bit smoother with the right equipment. Our team of experienced designers also happens to be new parents, ourselves. Throughout our careers, we have longed for an opportunity to make things that help make life easier and are affordable. At Baby Cargo, we’ve managed to combine our true loves – design and parenting - into a few really smart places to let our babies rest, play, eat, stroll… live