Behind the Design – Baby Cargo

At Baby Cargo, we consider style a matter of substance.

In fact, we are a little obsessed. But we think that’s okay, as long as we can admit it. Because we are parents as well as designers and engineers, we find that inspiration is literally everywhere.

Fashion design inspires us. Some see a runway and flashbulbs, but the style of a beautifully tailored suit & the easy-grace of a flowing skirt transform into our elegant 300 series stroller’s palette and pockets.

Nature inspires us. River stones that line the path on a family canoe trip. Sandy dunes of exotic faraway places. A perfect coral lily in our neighbor’s garden (that our son definitely did not pick as a gift to us on a recent stroll). We honor nature in our original patterns and textiles. Car designs. Interior décor. and yes… moms carrying babies and all their cargo. Every stitch, dye, button and rivet is hand-tested for baby readiness, as well as aesthetic quality. With all these intriguing influences — we recognize Baby Cargo designs are very much a product of our environment.

From fastener to accessory to frame, we strive to design our products so that each has a fresh, cohesive look with a timelessly durable yet soft feel.

All to be sure your babies have a place to dream, eat, and stroll that’s as stylish as it is warm and safe.